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Real questions from real guests:

What does Americana themed black-tie mean? Please check out the Mood Board on this website for inspiration. Also, stop asking questions you dirty commie.

Seriously, how should I dress for the Saturday night event? Seriously, let me answer your question with a few of my own: What kind of petticoat did Hamilton don before stealing the cannons from the Battery? How many ribbons did  Paul Revere put in his horse's mane before warning the other patriots? What kind of moccasins did Lewis and Clark choose to explore the west? I hope this answers your question.

Does a woman's dress need to be long? Maybe in the 1950s it did, Don Draper.

Do I need to RSVP and how do I do it? Yes please! You can use the RSVP tab on this website or you can send the RSVP card that came with the invite you haven't received yet... because we haven't sent it yet.

Will there be dancing? YES!

Is there a room block? Nope.

Can I bring a plus 1. YES! Absolutely we would love that. 

Why are there so many typos on this website? Because attention to detail is not our strong suite. If you want attention to detail, go to a German citizenship party.

How do I find this website? I guess not all questions need answers.

Tell me about this pool party. That is not a question.

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